Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thanks for stopping by my small, slightly cluttered, corner of the world.

I'm starting this blog for a couple of reasons. One side is purely selfish and personal. I would like to create a central base to write about my training and competition experiences that I can reference in the future. On the other side is that I would love to get other opinions and insight on my goals, regiments and general outlook on what I am embarking on.

My aim is to post about my experiences and all the new tips and trick I learn, as well as the many obstacles I am sure to find. I hope to break free from my analytical side and have some fun with this as well, but we shall see how well that goes.

Please make sure to stop by the "Who I am" section at the top of the page, so you can see where this idea came from, and how I became involved in the wonderful sport of triathlon. I'm sure I will post more about why I did this, and started this blog, and my goals; but that section is a great start.

I hope you find my post here to be helpful/inspiring/funny/not-quite-full-pathetic.

I look forward to hearing from others about my training experiences. Feel free to comment or hate as you please.

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