Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't drink and drive... run instead!

Whew, I've been lazy super busy lately.

Ive broken the 25% mark on my running goals. Too bad it has taken me 1/3 of the month to get there. I am lagging very far behind in my bike goals (11%) and I'm starting to get doubtful on whether I will make it or not. 15 hours is tough to get when I have to use the bikes in the gym. SOOOO boring. I'm gonna try and give it my best shot though, and see how close I can get. I'm pretty far behind in my swim, but I'm confident I can get to 4 miles by months end. I need to work on staying focused on the indoor bike and treadmill, as I find myself getting very distracted. Please let me know if you have any good distraction tips in the comments.

On that note though, I want to send a special thanks out to all the women who put on nice smelling lotion, then go workout. You're making the world a better place, one smelly gym at a time!

This past weekend I experience too awesome new events. My OSU cowboys going to 10-0 and routing Texas  Tech, and running in the McNellies pub run.

The pub run, for those who are not lucky enough to have heard of it, is a 4 mile run through the hilly downtown Tulsa blue dome district. The fun twist is you get to down 3 12 oz guiness beers during the run. I have never run , at least an organized running event, while drinking, and I must say that it was a blast. It was pretty rough after the first beer, getting used to all the sloshing, but it wasn't as bad as you would think. The hardest part was just chugging the beer. I completed the 4 mi run in 35:06, which is a 8 min/mile and I am pretty pleased with it.

Too bad I had the great idea to "pre-game" the run by drinking a couple light beers during the OSU game before the race. Terrible idea. It made the first couple of miles really really rough. I should not have done that. Lesson learned. I also learned not to get too cocky when you're still 40 yards from the finish line. I did this to a friend of mine I was running with and he ended up out sprinting me to the end... what a jerk. Here is a picture of said jerk. (Just kidding Eckhart, even though you swear you don't read my blog...)

It was an awesome time though in the end. I got to meet up with a friend in Tulsa I do not get to see too often, have some good drinks, get in some running, and watch my Cowboys roll yet another football game. Totally worth the 1.5 hr drive there and back to Tulsa. Can't wait to run next year. I need to get to where I can run this in 20 min or less to win the main prize of a huge free bar tab. (We all need goals...)

I have one last 5k left this year, on thanksgiving and I think that is going to conclude my racing for this year. The rest of my time is going to be spent on training for a half marathon and an olympic tri. I plan on racing in both next year, along with some 10k's and probably a sprint tri, possibly a cycling race.

I have decided on my first olympic tri. I am going to compete in the Playtri Festival, Olympic distance triathlon in Irving, Texas on June 3rd. I may compete in a sprint tri before that, but I will be busy training for the OKC half marathon in April primarily. You can keep track of my upcoming races by looking in the tab to the right.

Im trying to play around with some new layouts and scripts for the site, so look forward to those in the future. Ill try and get another post up this week, I have some other thoughts I want to talk about, but this post is already too rambly (sp?). I will be at the Tulsa marathon this weekend though, so I will try and get some good pictures as I follow my girlfriend around the full course on my bike... or try to at least... so there may be a good post about me getting lost and mugged in Tulsa next week.

Here a few more photos from the race:

Some of the costumes worn at the race.

Drinking and smoking go hand in hand, I am not sure how it worked into the run though...

Finish line.

Mass drinking event that was the finish line. You did get 2 free beers as soon as you finished.

My better half, who got me motivated to do this run... and I am so glad she did now.

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