Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4

I meant to post this last night but got caught up doing other things.

I've finished my second day of brick workouts and the third day of my challenge. I am quite surprised at my lack of soreness. Maybe this is an indication of becoming less of a fat ass and more of an athlete... maybe.

These past two days have also marked my first forays into working out inside the Y. I have not ran on a treadmill in a very long time, and I remembered why very quickly. While it is always nice getting to have all the "look at the wording on my tight yoga pants ass region" girls around (sorry babe), it still gets boring running on a treadmill. In the past 2 days I have only ran 2 and 3.1 miles respectively. I'm hoping that I will get over the immense feeling of boredom soon and be able to focus on increasing past the 6 mile mark.

On Wednesday, I followed my little 2 mile run with a bike session. Note, the stationary bikes suck. The seat is worse than my road bikes' was that one time I rode without cycling shorts on. Its too big (I can find an excuse to hate anything I swear) (there's also a "that's what she said" joke in there, but I'll try and refrain). I still got in a short ride of 8.5 miles before I got bored again and went home. I plan on trying to steal a spin bike next time and put in some longer times. I've only knocked off 30 min of my 15 hr goal.

Yesterday I bricked my 3.1mi run with a 400m swim. I do not think I have ever felt as good as I did yesterday in the water. I usually have to stop every 50yds to 100yds in the pool to catch my breathe but not yesterday, I was managing 150yds to 200yds. My breathing came natural, I fell into a very balanced rhythm, I could feel myself working on my immersion technique instead of just trying to bust out my distance as fast as possible.

Im not sure if the swim felt so good because I had burned off some energy before hand or what, but it was amazing. If I can continue to feel that comfortable, increasing to 1600yds in a session and beyond will come faster than I thought. I will play with this a little next week and see if I can find a correlation between doing my swim last in a brick, and how good the swim goes.

On a final note, I plan on working out tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning, which will keep me on pace for my challenge (please note the new dynamic graphs at the bottom, feel free to call me on days when I "phone in" my workout). I have friends in town so it may be a late night. Ill leave you with the best part of my workout so far this week. I get to walk out of the Y, into the parking lot, and see all the progress on the Devon tower in downtown OKC. It reminds me, if the crappy downtown OKC I grew up in can make itself into the town it is today, I can surely push myself into something I thought I never would be as well.

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