Who I am

Time for a little introduction (that's not actually so little)...

My name is John Peterson, born in 1986, living in Oklahoma City, and I am a mechanical engineer working in the Oil & Gas industry. In December 2010, I came to the realization that 2 years out of college, I was not the man I thought I was. I was overweight, and vastly less athletic than I had been in previous years.

Weighing in at 225lbs on my 5'9 frame, I decided it was time for a drastic change. (As a note, I will refer to those times as the "fatty days") Playing along in a weight loss challenge bet with a few friends, I committed myself to watching what I ate and working out almost every day. Within 3 months, I found myself under 200lbs. This was a fantastic milestone to reach, and was the spark to what I feel is now a growing inferno inside me.

I started competing again in tennis competitions, which was my particular brand of atheltic kool aide back in my grade school years. It felt great to compete again, to get out and push myself, and challenge myself on a more personal level.

This was my only extent of athleticism though. I was only practicing tennis once a week and competing off and on (more off than on). After some personal problems, that I took much harder than I let on, I decided it was time to set what I felt like was a crazy and unattainable goal. I decided that I was going to become a triathlete.

This was something I was completely new too, I always enjoyed cycling, but had no real road experience. I did not swim as much as I flopped around and half drowned. I despised running any more distance than a tennis court. Long distances were stupid. Speed and quickness ruled my world.

Long story short, I decided in early July I would compete in a sprint triathlon (500m swim, 12mi bike, 5k) at the end of September. I conquered this goal in 1:26:38. I made a great friend in my training partner Ryan, who I am sure I will mention more in this blog as time goes on.

I am officially now training for a half-marathon in may, and training for an Olympic distance triathlon sometime in the summer.

I hope to post at least a few times a week, and I promise I will keep them shorter than this post. Thanks for reading, and Im looking forward to this experience and hearing what the world (or the 2-3 friends who may happen to check this now again) has to think.