Monday, November 7, 2011


Zen motivation

Today was supposed to consist of a small run then my tennis league game. Here it is... 8:45pm, tennis was canceled and I have not run.

The weather has been sketchy at best all day, and looked worse as I left work at 5 today (an hour later than I normally leave or planned to leave today). I figured tennis would be canceled and I would go for a run/swim brick around 6:30 or 7. Solid plan.

Too bad they were still planning on holding tennis at 6:30, so I headed up for my 7pm match, and was told at 6:40 they decided to cancel it. It is so frustrating driving up to Edmond and getting ready, just to have them cancel it as soon as I get there. There was lightning all night, but oh well. I got frustrated and decided to not rush home and to the Y for my workout. I got down on myself and made lame excuses. This is what "fatty days" Peterson does, not badass current Peterson.

This is a continuation of my trying to yell at myself and hate on myself. Out of pure coincidence, my friend Allison commented on my last post with a article talking about self motivation... and basically why I am doing it ALLLLLL wrong.
"Think about it. To your mind and body, a harsh, loud voice ordering you around is jarring, regardless of the source. You respond with stress and resistance whether from an outsider imposing his will or you imposing your will upon yourself."
This is a great quote that describes my problem to the T. I bark at myself, I yell at myself, trying to motivate myself to go workout or train. Even though, the thought of competing in the next race or event gives me so much drive and fire, I just cannot seem to connect the power to the ground. Its like I am swedish sportscar with no tires.

The article gives a great suggestion on how to deal with this though. Basically, I need to be more conscience of my self-motivation processes. Think about what is motivating me, relaxing, and not letting stress run my training. It seems so simple, I would never respond well to someone who yelled or barked at me. I would buck them in every way possible. Maybe reading this from someone else is what I needed to get more proactive about this issue.

So thank you to Allison, this is what I was looking for on this blog. Crowd sourcing my way through training and competition. Hopefully there are other that will find great advice from this blog like I already have. Here's to a more positive, conscience mental state going forward... and sorry if the last couple of post have been very negative or down, writing it all down is a great way to point out my negative tendacies and shows me what I need to change. Its all part of the process that I can look back on and laugh at (or is it with? Im confused).

Tomorrow is back to my running, hopefully 6+ miles, and then bricks the rest of the week and the Tulsa Pub Run on Saturday. I need to get the graphs at the bottom of this site moving back upwards ugain.

The full article can be found here.

BONUS: Things that happened while I was writing this post:
  • 4.7 magnitude earthquake (in oklahoma) that shook my entire house
    • Resultant 5 phone calls
  • Lots of loud thunder and intense lightning
  • A full, unopened Dr. Pepper can falling off my end table and exploding all over my room and my Zoot shoes... (fits so well with the title)

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