Friday, November 4, 2011

This shit just got real

Just wanted to drop a quick note today since I have started publishing the link to this blog.

I hope everyone will enjoy the limited content and keeps coming back to see what becomes of my journey into the craziness that is triathlons. I plan on updating several times a week, and Im sure more once race season comes back around, so while it may not be a flood of expert, quality, humourous information, it is coming! (I will also try to keep the number of run-on sentences down)

I will try and post some pictures from the Tulsa, OK McNellies pub run I am running next weekend (hopefully the only problem is trying to stomach the 3 Guinness beers, and not so much the 4 mile run), as well as the Tulsa Marathon that I will be not running, but will be at supporting my much more talented better half. So check back for more post about all that stuff.

Long term, I will be starting to look at Olympic tri races, as well as some sprint tri's (hopefully some that involve me traveling out of flat Oklahoma...) and working towards a half/full marathon race. Then onward to the 70.3 beast...

I only ask for your feedback. Let me know when something sucks, or is awesome and I'll make sure to stop /or not stop doing it.

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