Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"Stay hungry, Stay foolish" - Steve Jobs

This quote may seem a little overplayed lately, but it is a very important idea. It can be applied to any facet of humanity, and the lives we all live.

As it pertains to me and this blog and my life, is that I need to never be satisfied. Never think myself out of something. That I should not stand in the way of my own happiness and goals.

I'm writing this because it has become something I am starting to make more of a focus in my training. Motivation has always been my downside. When I do have it, I'm unstoppable in my own mind. When I've lost it, I just cannot seem to get clicking again, and it is hard to find it again. I like to believe that everyone needs to be hungry, to have that fire, to obtain what we want and need in life. Thanks to this idea, I have undergone a sort of transition over the past year in regards to my motivation.

I started to work out just as something to do, everyone was doing it (please do not feed me any lines about this...ugh). I was not setting goals, or working towards being more productive, healthy or more importantly, happy. Though, over this past year I have become hungry. Insatiable would be a better word for it...

Out of this hunger, I decided to do very foolish things in the eyes of many of my friends and family (e.g triathlons, running, etc.). This doesn't mean they were bad things, which I have done many stupid foolish things in my life, many of which way too many people know about (college humor). They were just things that were not normal to my lifestyle or goals. I want to be healthy, I want to create a better me and become more happy with everything in my life. Losing over 30 lbs was a good start, and did make me happy. But that wasn't enough.

I wasn't staying foolish.

This is why I decided to do something I never though I would be able to do, triathlons... and now I am aiming at marathons and century rides. I'm called crazy all the time, but I know that crossing the finish line and hanging my bib number up on my wall give me satisfaction that I haven't had in years, that I am starting to crave.

Everyone needs to be hungry. If you find it hard to find the motivation you need to get out and get healthy, lose wieght, run, be more sociable, perform better at work, anything... just look inside. Rediscover that need to improve and find the happiness that comes with it, stop being content.

I've came across a short video from a man who transformed his entire life, lost over 120 lbs to finish a full Boston marathon and Ironman triathlon. I know it definately reminded me why I am doing all these foolish things, and reminded me that the workouts everyday after 8 hours of work are for a purpose.


(I know there are tons of videos like this out there on the interwebs, but I just can't resist a good video set to coldplay...)

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