Monday, December 5, 2011

November Failures


This is not what I wanted to be writing in December. I didn't even get to 50% on any of my goals and Im currently still sick, as I have been since thanksgiving.

This was not how I was supposed to begin the off season. Almost no real, insightful research done. Almost no advancement in any area of the multi-sports. I guess that I need to call this character training and move on with my life. Whining and refusing to look at my November spreadsheet do not make this past month any less real.

I am going to post my December goals tonight. Its already the 5th and I need to get them down and started. Sickness be damned.

I will admit that I have learned to be more realistic. I tend to be a little too aggresive (read: delusional) when setting goals or benchmarks for myself. Going from a high workload prior to my tri in September, to a fairly lazy October, to a hyper active November was terrible. I developed pain in my legs and right knee from overuse (I think). I burned out on all my goals. I lost control of any glimpse of a diet I was holding.

Long story short; too much, too fast can be detrimental. I know that probably everyone knows this already, but its good for me to write this down and look at it. I need to be more conscious of my decision, and their long term effects.

I plan on getting back into the flow of things and hitting the gym later this week. I am fairly depressed of how cold it is already. I despise riding the bikes in the gym, and just want to be out on my bike. I have debated buying a trainer to ride indoors, but its not really in the budget right now. Next year.

The solutions is to buy some shoe covers, full gloves, helmet cover, gator and wind jacket so I can ride in the 40's and 50's. I tried to ride around in the high 30's (with none of these things) following my girl around the Tulsa Marathon route while she ran, but could not feel any of my extremities afterwards. It was awful.

Sidenote: There is a fine balance between going fast to finish a ride because it is cold, and going slow because it is WAY colder when you ride over 20mph...

I will get my goals posted later and update the graphs at the bottom tonight after work. Maybe I should print out my progress in November and put it on my wall. A not-so-subtle reminder to get the work done and not try and overdo it at the beginning.

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