Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting wet

I'm still feeling a bit sore from my weights on tuesday. I plan on getting back to the gym on Monday and then probably wednesday or thursday. I obviously need to be focusing on weights since I am soo sore. 

I took yesterday off. Had some depressing news yesterday and decided not to workout and spend time with a loved one. I got back at it today. I knocked out a short 1.5mi warmup run and a 600m swim. Im feeling better and more relaxed in the pool finally, I just start to get nervous and overthink everything after the 500m mark. That will get better with time. I am well on my way to meet my december swimming goal though, so yippie!

I've had a seriously upsetting revelation this week. Im back to being a fatty. My new 32 waist pants are starting to feel tight, I've crept back up to 205 lbs, and I look horrible. Nothing like a triathlete.

I've written about a diet and starting to get healthy. This was the kick I needed to really focus up. It also didn't hurt that I realized I would need to buy a XXL wetsuit at my size. Anything with an X in it is unacceptable in my mind. I've never had to buy anything in an X size, and I really do not want to. I still feel fat buying larges. So yea. Goodbye awesome food and eating out at lunch. Also, goodbye soda during the work day. 

I am hoping that by starting with making healthier lunches, taking healthy snacks like carrots, eating small breakfasts in the morning instead of skipping and eating junk from the vending machine and cutting out soda (at least at work for starters) will help. 

I also have great help from my friend on facebook. I mentioned my wetsuit dilemma and they all pitched in with their thoughts (both literally and not-so-literally calling me a fatass). That always helps...

I'm gonna try and get a long run in tommorrow of about 6 miles. 

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