Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello soreness my old friend...

Took the ol' strength training workout for a spin yesterday. Yep. Im sore.

Im uber sore. I forgot how deep the soreness can reach into your thighs and lats. While it makes it difficult to not look constipated at work, it means its working to some extent. 

I definitely feel it will be better once I split it into 2 days. It will also probably be better once I never go back to the Midwest City YMCA, that place is ghetto and ill-laid out. When I am trying to super set squats with leg extensions and leg curls, I do not want to try and meander my way through the treadmill forest and cross a 3 lane track. Just saying.

Despite the soreness, I got in a 500 m swim today. This is the last time I will exit a pool at 500 m. My short days need to get longer and I need to get some 1+ mile days in the mix. Its going to be so boring, but I have to get started on training for the international tri in June.

I did some research today on cold weather clothing and It did not make my "more clothing vs. trainer" decision any easier. To purchase a wind jacket, baklava, gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers and shoe covers, I can jsut purchase a used fluid trainer... and thats if I get the cheapest of all the above items, not even the nice stuff. Good thing is we have a few days that should be in the 50's and 40's so I will probably go purchase some gloves and a baklava and head out for a ride. I need to be out on the bike since I will probably be too sore to do anything else.

Well off to bed. Hopefully I can find a cheap pair of gloves and baklava tomorrow at Sun & Ski. I do not feel like spending 150 bucks on just those two items at Schlegels Bike.

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