Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soreness, my old friend

Its a new month and I am finally starting off on the correct foot.

You can see where I am so far on my goals at the bottom of the site. I am considerably further thus far as compared to this time in previous months. I have taken off almost as many days as I have trained, but I am finally starting to put in more honest and complete training sessions.

Yesterday was my long run day. I was aiming for 9+ miles on the treadmill since it was so so so windy outside, I only managed 6.4 miles. I learned that those technical "dri-fit" shirts that sell for way too much money or you get from races are actually very important.

I ran in an old softball shirt yesterday and I could tell a difference by mile 2. The shirt was so heavy and compressive due to the sweat. I felt as though I was wearing a weight vest. Also, wet cotton does not perform heat transfer efficiently... aka. I was hotter than hell. I definately ws overheated by mile 5 and by the end of my 60min on the treadmill I thought I was actually going to hurl. I was lightheaded, felt major pressure in my head and couldn't walk very well.

Lesson learned.

Thankfully I was fine. Im sure if I would have tried to restart the treadmill for another 3-4 miles I would've been sick or passed out. I probably need to pay more attention to my clothing choices when I run at the Y. There are only a couple fans for the entire gym there and it gets very hot. I should also try and focus on eating something full of carbs an hour before I leave work now that I am pushing my distance up.

I cooled myself down in the pool with 750yds before they shut down for a safety break at 6pm. I could feel the soreness as soon as I got off the treadmill in my lower calves. This pain has only become worse as the day went on. Im currently wearing my CEP compression sleeves to work for the day. It is truly amazing what these sleeves will do for my legs, I love science!

Today I am going to work on making some adjustements to my bike trainer and re-aligning my aero bars on my bike, then its a bike session since it is so nasty cold and rainy outside. I found a good interval workout for the trainer that I downloaded into my Garmin watch last week that I will try out. I'm sure Gracie will be glad that I am coming home instead of going to the gym today as well.

Heres my bike set up on the new trainer. I still need to finish adding shelves and setting up the workout room but it is finally getting there. Just added some OSU orange curtains that really spice up the room.

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