Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't call it a comeback

So yea, November happened. I've talked about it enough. Time to learn from my mistakes and kick December's ass.

I've nailed down a strength training schedule that I think will work for now. I plan on adapting it more for my needs after a couple weeks, but I found one that basically worked what I wanted so I am going with it.

I'm using a plan outlined on by a man named Mark Allen. If you have not heard of Mr. Allen and you are a triathlete. Google it. Now. You could also go check out a book "Iron War" by one of the writers for the Triathlete magazine. Its an amazing story about how he and Dave Scott legitimized this whole crazy sport of suffering that we all love. They pushed this sport to the mainstream, while also pushing the limits of human endurance and performance. They are quite heroes.

The original article can be found here, along with his outline on how to work into this workout. How I am using it is below:
SS = Super set (run the excersises on top of each other without a break in between. Rest between sets) 
SS:   Wide grip bench press 2 x 15 reps
        Lateral Pulldown 2 x 15 reps
SS:   Barbell squat 2 x 15 reps
        Leg extensions 2 x 15 reps
        Lying leg curls 2 x 15 reps
SS:   Tricep kickbacks 2 x 15 reps
        Lying tricep overhead extension 2 x 15 reps
SS:   Curl 2 x 15 reps
        Dumbbell lateral raise 2 x 15 reps
SS:   Backwards lunge 2 x 15 reps
        One leg, weighted calf raise 2 x 15 reps (each leg)
Leg Press 2 x 15 (this is a great way to blast out the finish of a good workout.)
Sit-ups (one set. Focus on center, left then right abs)
Plank 1 x 60 seconds minimum
90 second rest in between each particular set or SS; 45 sec rest while inside a SS 
This is a pretty large single workout, especially since I haven't weight trained since August. I will most likely add in some more cardio/core to the end and split this into 2 workouts. Maybe add some more focused sets where I lack. I plan on trying this out for a few weeks; focusing on form, not weight. The goal is not to look like an ed hardy d-bag, but to tone up and prevent injury in the spring. This will also help me cut down on my weight.

I am curious if I will have the same aches this go around with the training. When I was last training, I had some crazy pains in my forearms during curls that I could never identify a cause for. Hopefully that is gone. I still have a ton of articles to read that pertain to strength and developing the physique of a triathlete, I will filter that knowledge in later in the month.

As for my goals, I have decided that I will start where I left of in November for my running. While I only managed a measly 36 miles in November of running (my girlfriend will knock that out in a week, not even in peak training.... ugh) I will, not will try, will get to 100 miles. So 64 miles in December.

As for cycling, I'm still out. I got 3.5 hrs last month and almost 60 miles, but I would rather try and tell a crossfitter that crossfit is stupid than ride an indoor bike again. (PS. If you have never met a crossfitter and heard them talk about their cult gym, consider yourself lucky. They are obsessed to the 10th degree. Not a bad thing... but not an awesome thing either... sorry guys) I am working on getting a trainer or rollers and will makeup for my lack of cycling then. It is Oklahoma though, so it may get warm enough to ride soon. Who knows.

Swim is still at 4 miles. This was easy. I only knocked out a 1 mile last month, that was only due to laziness. I will get 4 miles easy this time.

Another great site to get tri specific training information is trifuel. Here is a link to an aggregated strength training list.

I also vow, right now, to stop sneaking Taco Bueno lunches at work. It has to end. Im going to miss those party burritos. Diet, or at least a more conscious observance of food and nutrition, starts now.

The key is knowledge. Knowledge of how badly I burn out. Knowledge of how I need to warm up prior to a swim to make it more effective. Knowledge that my half marathon is only 5 months away, and my international distance tri is only 6 months away. Knowledge that my new shoes seem to be broken in finally and my new compression sleeves for my legs work magic. Knowledge that I can do this. That I will do this. I will not give up, go too hard, overcompensate, race old men on the treadmill, use the cold as an excuse, fail to embrace the suck and pain.

December is so going down.

(check in throughout the month to see whether I epic-ally win this, or epic-ally burn out and become obese)

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