Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't forget you're tights

Yesterday was sort of a culmination of everything bad. It was as if everytime I said or wrote down that I will not let anything get me down or frustrated, something just a little bit worse occured.

Things that happened since I wrote the last post:
  • I rear ended someone
  • I left my sunroof open and had to deal with a minor flood in my car driving to work (and eventually to said wreck)
I really just wanted to go home and consume about 40 party burritos from Taco Bueno, but I didnt. I went for a run.

I am going to try and look into this more tonight and post about it again, but on my last 2 runs, I have not made it as far as I wanted to. The cold air is killing my lungs. My body feels fine for the most part, and I feel strong enough to run more distance, but my asthma has different thoughts. Now it wasn't as bad yesterday as it was last week, which I guess is encouraging, but it is still going to get very annoying.

Another annoying thing, is when you go for a run and its in the 40's and its drizzling and you forget to take long tights for your legs... so you have to run in shorts... soooooo cold.

Tonight will be an indoor brick workout. I really need to put some time in on the bike so hopefully I can get a 5k and 1-1.5 hours on the bike. I have a hectic day ahead so we will see if I have the energy, but I am going to stay freaking positive.

Also, notice I have added a section to the right about my "Personal Bests" and "Upcoming Races". I plan on filling the races out more with some early season run's and maybe a sprint tri, but I will really be looking forward to finding my first Olympic tri. I get nervous just typing that. Look for more additions coming this week. I'll probably just add them, then write up one post about them all (read: I'm kinda lazy).

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  1. Olympic Tri on June 3rd in Irving Texas?! Playtri Festivals, it does involve a lake swim but mini road trip to Dallas too! After you run the half marathon in OKC in April, you'll be ready for a June Tri!!