Saturday, November 5, 2011

Late nights and lame excuses

I've been pretty busy the past 2 days but have managed to get 2 short workouts in.

I went for a quick 5k in my neighborhood last night. I had some slight pain in my left foot pretty much the whole time, but I think I tied my shoe to tight (I hope). The big issue was that I started having an asthma attack about mile 2, so I just ran back to my house. I haven't had an attack since I was a kid, and I am assuming it is due to the cold air. I guess I'll just keep trying to run outside and hope I acclimate. I will try and look into this more sometime this week.

This morning, my better half got up early and went for a 20mi run so I decided I would go for a swim and cycle at the Y. Too bad I spent 30min looking for my goggles, which I never found. It's a stupid excuse (of which there are many I will try and pass on you readers), but it just threw me off my game. I still went and tried to spin for the first time. It was nice and I can see the workout advantages, but I just wasn't feeling it today. My legs never woke up. It also didn't help that I was slightly hungover from drinks with some friends from out of town last night...

This is, in my opinion, my greatest fault or failure. I do not find the motivation to dig deep and push through days like this. I hate myself for it. The entire time after I left the Y and drove to buy new goggles, I just kept hating on myself. This is my new goal to work on. I need to get over this "Debbie downer" mentality if I am going to be able to push through to iron distance races.

Well it's time for post workout bagels then onto college football. Go pokes!

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  1. I read a blog post today about motivation, and hating on yourself is harmful to productivity --